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SPRING WPRB MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - Thursday, April 08, 2021 - 7:00am - until Saturday, April 17, 2021


Wednesday, April 14 from 7:00 - 10:00am

Dear Friends of Classical Discoveries!
The Annual Membership Drive is coming to WPRB starting April 8 at 7:00am and will last through April 17, 2021.

WPRB is a student run station that consists of a voluntary staff of students and community DJ's like me, and is not funded by Princeton University (they provide us the operating space).
WPRB does not receive funds from other sources. Your donations will be used for the station's operating costs.

As always, there will be minimum talking and plenty of wonderful new music.

In less than 2 months, "Classical Discoeries" will begin its 25th year on the air and provides listeners with music rarely heard anywhere else. Many radio stations are claiming discoveries, but please remember where you heard for the first time or the only time, works by various little known living composers from around the world. Where have you heard 24/25 hour hosted New Music Marathons, wonderful little known Treasures of Early Music, or an entire month of programming devoted exclusively to women composers? Just check any playlist and tell me how many names you know? A program like this could only happen on WPRB.

Please remember to support Classical Discoveries by calling Wednesday morning, April 14 and other times during our 10 day Membership Drive to support the station and all the unique programs that you will not hear anywhere else. 

Since we are not in the studio, you must go to pledge.wprb.com

If you are listening to the archived MP3 sound files on my website, please remmember that a tremendous amount of time goes into providing this option to you each week free of charge.

No donation is too small to help keep WPRB and its unique programming on the air.

Classical Discoveries website at: http://www.classicaldiscoveries.org/.
For Internet listeners - link to excellent Time Zone Converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc.

Thank you all for supporting the station that brings you "Classical Discoveries.”

A short promo for our upcoming Membership Drive as taken from last Wednesday's show



April - 14 - 2021  -  MP3 - file available till April 30
listen  04/14/2021-07:00-08:30
listen  04/14/2021-08:30-10:00


Wednesday, April  14,  2020 - 07:00 - 10:00
Machajdik, Peter Sacrifices Olga Strelitska-Chen, piano Covid Submission <
air time
Composer Work Performers
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano
7:01 Szewczyk, Piotr Corona Waltz for Violin Piotr Szewczyk Covid Submission
7:08 Machajdik, Peter Sacrifices   Covid Submission
7:15 Erlandsson, Ia  Arcus (2020 studio version) Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra Ia Erlandsson Olga Strelitska-Chen, piano Covid Submission
7:25 Ferrari, Carlotta Toccata sopra Stella Cæli (2020) for organ Carson Cooman Covid Submission
7:34 Mandel, Ellen New York Movie Ellen Mendel, piano Covid Submission
7:38 Neher, Lisa Strawberry Man Lisa Neher Covid Submission
7:40 Dice, Paul Staying at Home Scored for Chamber orchestra Covid Submission
7:51 Morrow, Nora Daffodil Sun     Ovidiu Martinescu, cello Covid Submission
7:56 Smith, Kile Everyone Sang LSU Chorale and Tiger Glee Club, choirs at Louisiana State University, conducted by Trey Davis. Covid Submission
8:03 Pahl, Frank Pensive Western Frank Pahl Covid Submission
8:06 Pritsker, Gene Pandemic Dance #9 Jay Rodriguez, alto flute, Gene Pritsker, electric guitar Covid Submission
8:14 Grill,  Stanley Voices Kyle Engler, mezzo-soprano, Stephen Framil. cello Covid Submission
8:19 Cervetti, Sergio In Memoriam George Floyd Electronic private
8:25 Albini Giovanni  Studi per Pianoforte Op 23 No 10a-b-c-d Matteo Generani Covid submission
8:34 Rice, Hannah Listen! Planchette Quintet Hannah Rice
8:41 Lomvardou, Eleni  Shadows of the World OST Manos Syrios, psalm, Michaelis Katachanas, viola Covid Submission
8:52 Danielpour, Richard Documentary Filmmakers& Photographers Simone Dinnerstein from "An American Mosaic"
9:02 Trotta, Michael John You Are My Refuge performer by a virtual choir consisting of 5 high school choirs .private
9:09 Korein, George The Eden of Garden George Korein and the Spleen Covid Submission
9:16 Harberg, Amanda The Prayer Project    private
9:26 Horvat, Frank Miramba Richard Moore "Music for Self-Isolation" Centrediscs - CMCCD 28521
  Horvat, Frank Electric Guitar from "Music for Self-Isolation" Andrew Noseworthy Centrediscs - CMCCD 28521
  Horvat, Frank Together in Spirit from "Music for Self-Isolation" Ensemble Centrediscs - CMCCD 28521
9:37 Kosinski, Andrew Lockdown Andrew Kosinski Covid Submission
9:45 Strobel, Robert Bearing Us Up Alyssa Koogler, Soprano plus electronics Covid Submission
9:55 Shola, Eki Change the System Eki Shola Covid Submission