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Wednesday, June 05, 2019 from 5:00 till 11:00

Here is a list of some of the works which will be presented during this week's program:
Testamento Spirituale by Italian composer, Giovanni Albini (1982- )
Eight Pieces for the Vernal Equinox by Canadian composer, Kris Davis (1980 )
Folding Music by Max Giteck Duykers (1972- )
Symphony No. 3, "Mater Magna" by Australian composer, Ross Edwards (1943- )
String Quartet No. 1 "In Praise of Poor Scholars" by American composer, Peter Garland (1952- )
Symphony No. 2 "Fall of Constantinople" by Turkish/American composer, Kamran Ince (1960- )
Sinfonia Tapkaara by Japanese composer, Akira Ifukube (1914-2006)
Divertissment for two flutes, cello and piano, Op. 91 by Russian composer, Nikolai Kapustin (1937- )
Strastra for organ and orchestra by Slovenian composer, Aldo Kumar (1954- )
String Quartet No. 3: Tapas by American composer, Marc Mellits (1966- )
Chinese Rhapsody by Croatian composer, Matej Meštrović (1969- )
plus music:
by Johanna Doderer,
Edie Hill,
Asha Srinivasan,
Karen P. Thomas

and others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till June 05, 2019)

Art: 'le Chateau d'Esparon de Verdon á coté du lac' - Provence'18 by Iwona Altmayer


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Wednesday, June 05,  2019 - 05:00 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano
Collins, Brendan Stomp Grand Valley State University Symphonic wind Ensemble, Kevin Tutt, conductor Klavier - K 11209 5:01
Garland, Peter String Quartet No. 1, "In Praise of Poor Scholars" Apartment House Cold Blue Music - CB0031 5:06
Casati, Gasparo Motet, "O bone Jesu" Constanze Backes, soprano, More Maiorum,  Etcetera - KTC 4012 5:30
Doderer, Johanna Like the Sun for piano duo Ferhan & Ferzan Onder, pianos Capriccio - C5342 5:35
Kolb, Barbara All in Good Time Grant Park Orchestra, Carlos Kalmar, conductor Cedille - 90000 090 5:48
Carr, Paul The Lamb English Arts Chorale, Leslie Olive, conductor EM Records - EMR CD055 6:01
Kumar, Aldo Strastra Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Loris Voltolini, conductor, Matjaz Sevsek, organ Ars Slovenica - DSS 200030 6:08
Castellano, Jennifer Modern Dance Jennifer Castellano, piano Jennifer Castellano 6:26
Albini, Giovanni Testamento Spirituale 15.19 Ensemble Brilliant Classics - 95072 6:30
Mellits, Marc String Quartet No. 3: Tapas New Music Detroit Innova - 004 6:45
Rore, Cipriano de Motet, "A altitudo divitiarum" The Brabant Ensemble, Stephen Rice, conductor Hyperion - CDA67913 7:01
Kapustin, Nikolai Divertisment for Two flutes, Cello and Piano Nikolai Kapustin, piano, Alexander Korneev, flute, Marina Rubenstein, flute, Alexander Zagorinsky, cello Triton - DICC-26067 7:09
Ifukube, Akira Prayer for Peace from the original 1954 soundtrack to Godzilla Orchestra and Conductor not Identified La-La Land Records - 1022 7:28
Ifukube, Akira Sinfonia Tapkaara Orchestra conducted by Maki Ishii Futureland - TYCY-5217-18 7:32
Raats, Jaan Klimper, Op. 20, No. 4 Sonja & Shanti Sungkono, piano NCA (New Classical Adventure) - 60140-215 8:10
Hill, Edie Poem for 2084///Marvelous Error! The Crossing, Donald Nally, conductor Navona Records - NV6218 8:16
Wu Man Misty Rain on the Eastern Mountain Wu Man, pipa Traditional Crossroads 8:25
Mestrovic, Matej Chinese Rhapsody Tu Shan Xiang, pipa, Zheng Pei, zheng, Bai Yu, erhu, Li Xinxing, violin, Matej Mestrovic, piano, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Miran Vaupotic, conductor Navona Records - NV6219 8:27
Handel, Amanda Half-Moon of Gold Sydney Guitar Trio New Classical - NC 465357-2 8:41
Edwards, Ross Symphony No. 3, "Mater Magna" Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Markus Stenz, conductor ABC Classics - 461 830-2 8:46
Bassani, Giovanni Battista Sonata, Opus 5, No. 6 in F Ensemble StilModerno Brilliant Classics - 94259 9:14
Thomas, Karen P. Lux Lucis Seattle Pro Musica, Karen P. Thomas, conductor Seattle Pro Musica - SPM 9805 9:20
Dufay, Guillaume Lament for the Fall of Constantinople Cappella Romana, Alexander Lingas, conductor Cappella Romana/Metropolitan Museum of Art 9:33
Ince, Kamran Symphony No. 2 "Fall of Constantinople" Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Kamran Ince, conductor Naxos - 8.572554 9:39
Anonymous Medieval Greece Lamentation, " The Turks Have Taken the City" Nicos Constantinopoulos, voice, ensemble of Traditional instruments FM - FM 797 10:03
Coates, Gloria String Quartet No. 1 Kronos Quartet ProViva - ISPV 173 CD 10:08
Duykers, Max Giteck Folding Music Ensemble Ipse New World Records - 80811-2 10:13
Srinivasan, Asha Bapu Michelle Ko, flute, E. Michael Richards, clarinet & electronics Ablaze - ar-00010 10:28
Davis, Chris Eight Pieces for the Vernal Equinox Rory Cowal, piano New World Records - 80800-2 10:36
Mellits, Marc Final 3 sections of "Smoke" New Music Detroit Innova - 004